Recycling is the future

Value optimisation of scrap on every scale with a transparent way of working and custom logistical solutions. 

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Recycling is what we do best. Together we will be able to create a recycling strategy which fits you and your company best.

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Fair Metals pays a fair price for all ferrous and non-ferrous materials. Furthermore we ensure an optimal logistical process around all the metal trades we do. This also involves quick and immediate (cash) payments for all your metals.

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Placing containers on site is an important part in the overall processing of your metal waste. Hence we use various container types and sizes in order to collect your metal waste. 

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Logistic services 

Together we ensure that all metals are sustainably recycled. This is also involves our logistics and everything around it. 

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Ferrous metals

Old-iron and other metals can be divided into two categories, the ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Ferrous metals are being attracted by magnetic fields while non-ferrous metals are not. Examples of non-ferrous metals are Cupper and Zinc. Fair Metals always pays a fair price for both these metals.

Non-ferrous metals

During recycling we distinguish several metals not only on whether they are ferrous or non-ferrous. The metals are also sorted on quality, this depends on how easy it is to recycle the metals.

Over Fair Metals

Fair Metals started as a family-owned company that has been trading and recycling metals and supplying clients with containers for over 60 years now. We value the ability to process and recycle the limited amount of raw materials available and play a part in preserving these materials sustainably. 

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MRF Keurmerk

Fair Metals is one of the companies who has been given MRF's approval. The MRF was founded in the 90s and concerns itself with all companies in the scrap and metal recycling industry. They have set a standard with the MRF certificates which are earned by companies who meet branch specific criteria such as safety regulations and environmental standards .


The WEEELABEX criteria guarantee that our clients' materials are received, sorted, recycled and processed according to regulations. Some of these criteria are a safe working environment, sustainability en transparency.


Fair Metals is also owner of the NIWO certificate and is registered under VIHB nummer: NB511583VIHB. See for more information.