Your return makes the greater good

Our mission

At Fair Metals we understand the increasing importance to society and industry to meet the goals of efficient management of limited resources. Our vision is preserving the natural resources in a sustainable and responsible way and to turn scrap into reusable raw materials. 
Metal recycling conserves natural resources by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and using less energy than making metal from virgin ore. 
Together with others in the recycling industry our efforts will ensure that we can maintain these natural resources for generations to come. 


We're renowned for the years of experience we have gained in the recycling industry, have a passion for the job and never say no to a challenge. 
Fair metals is transparent about how we determine the prices for all our metals. We are able to pay you a fair price based on the type, quality and quantity of your metals. Our employees are always ready to assist you with any questions or give advice on how we can help you with recycling. 

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Who we help 

We possess expertise on logistical solutions and the most efficient application of waste metal as re-usable raw materials. We help clients across several industries with their entire logistics around recycling. Every production setting is unique and demands custom solutions. Together with fair market prices and additional services such as our container service Fair Metals can be a listening, advisory and proactive partner. Other companies and individuals have already made use of our services because of our transparent way of working and fast payments. 

Our drop-off process

After recycling

We buy iron and metals from, among others, the metal processing industry and individuals. 
After recycling, these materials go to, amongst others, smelters and other processors. These use the previously unusable materials as raw materials which can be re-used again.