Do you have large quantities of old metals and do you want to collect ferrous and non-ferrous metals in containers? With our container service are able to either collect the metals on site or place a container at your location for a certain amount of time. When the container is filled we will collect it and process it for recycling. We place containers with volumes of 1m³, 10m³ to up to 50m³, with different uses and sizes.

Containers on location make it easier for you to collect your scrap metals. By utilizing several sizes and types of containers we can place a container at your location which fits your needs.

In addition to the deployment of our own equipment, we closely work together with renowned carriers who have extensive container fleets. This, among other things, enables us to place an extremely wide variety of containers onsite, in addition to highly specialist vehicles.

Would you like some advice on the collection and recycling of your metals? Contact us.